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thremedon: "People could and did shout bloody murder about my comportment and la-de-da, but the skills were never in question." (Rook quote)

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Name:The Havemercy Fan Community
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Havemercy is a fantasy novel released by Bantam Books on June 24, 2008. It's written by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett.

I would copy out the description on the back of my copy for you, but it (like most back cover summaries) is woefully inadequate in describing the book. Basically, Havemercy is about a gay magician named Royston who is exiled to the country and Hal, the innocent young scholar he meets there. It's also about Thom, a psych grad student who is charged with the task of teaching the elite pilots of the military's Dragon Corps some manners. Of course, being the only thing preventing their enemies the Ke Han from overrunning the country of Volstov and its capital Thremedon, the Dragon Corps pilots do not actually see the need for manners nor any reason not to be violent punks who seduce every woman they meet. Which would bring us to Rook, who is their (seriously really hot) ringleader in criminal activities. As the story continues, the characters begin to notice that not all is well and a mystery emerges that will change the lives of all the characters and the fate of Volstov itself.

The story is told with alternating POV between those four characters, and it has a full cast of interesting side characters as well.

Jaida and Dani are currently working on sequels set in the Havemercy universe; the second is called Shadow Magic and it's set for release summer 2009. (!!!)

This community is rather neglectfully modded by [info]saezutte and [info]searchsoleil; we don't do much, but we're definitely around if you have any concerns or questions about the comm.

a few REQUESTS from the mods:
1. Please tag your posts with the appropriate tags or the "mod! i don't know how to tag this!" tag, just to help us keep things organized around here. If your fic has a pairing that doesn't have a tag yet, tag it "fanfic" and the tagging help tag so I know to create the appropriate tag. In order to tag your posts, I recommend you post the entry in your client of choice, then go to "edit tags" on the entry and chose the appropriate tags from the list.

2. Please refrain from posting just to introduce yourself. We love to hear from you, but we assume just by joining that you love Havemercy as much as we do. We had a friending meme while we were being featured in the LJ spotlight; if you'd like to introduce yourself and post about your Havemercy favorites, you're welcome to there.

3. Please be nice! We've been lucky enough not to have any problems with ship wars or anything like that; let's keep it that way, please.
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